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What is F.N.D. ?

I am not just sexy on my good days.

I’m not just sexy on my good days, with my make up done and my body acting like most people’s bodies, I’m sexy when my neck is having spasms to the side and my lips twitch. I’m sexy when I’m wobbling slowly in my heels because my legs aren’t playing ball but I just feel like wearing them. I’m sexy in my PJs, unable to get out of bed. I’m sexy when I can’t speak, or when I’m crying. I’m sexy even when I piss myself and have to change from one pair of knickers to another. I am sexy as I am. A whole, beautiful, complicated, disabled, human woman.

Sex, Love and F.N.D.

One funky woman, my love-life and my Functional Neurological Disorder.

This blog will almost definitely contain content unsuitable for those who have not reached sexual maturity or 'completed' a safe and comprehensive sexual education. It will also contain details about my condition, which some readers may find triggering. I will caption blog posts with warnings accordingly.

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New posts every Monday

I believe that by exposing ourselves to the stories and experiences of other people, we help to oppose stigma and fear, and make the world a little bit happier for minorities everywhere.

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