Hey, you!

My name is Emily Ainscough. I’m 23 years old, funky, fun and functionally disabled. As I struggle to navigate my wildly high libido with symptoms like spasms and incontinence, I thought I’d write about my experience, and maybe help someone else out there as they re-define ‘sexy’ in their own, powerful terms.

Names of the people in my life have been changed for their own privacy.

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A bit about me . . . 

  • I love being in love and seeing people in love.

  • I don't take contraceptive pills because I don't like what they do to my mood.

  • As of yet I have only found myself attracted to male and non-binary people.

  • I'm super romantic.

  • It took me until I was 20 years old to reach my first orgasm.

  • I've been really enjoying reaching it since.

  • I think mustaches are sexy.

  • I've struggled in the past with infidelity.

  • I love Valentine's Day whether I have a date or not.

  • I don't enjoy oral sex.

  • I like to keep my socks on. 

  • I shave in the bath.

  • I eat way too much pasta.

Functional Neurological


Functional Neurological Disorder affects the functioning of the nervous system. Symptoms include motor and sensory dysfunction, dissociative seizures, chronic pain, fatigue and cognitive difficulties. No two people suffering with FND will experience it in the same way, I am writing about my own personal experiences.

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