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Lush Lip Scrub and Little Wins

Updated: Jan 26

Hello again wonderful readers! I'm sorry that I didn't update you all with a post last week, I'm sure you all missed me! The truth is I've been being very sensible, and since my return to University I've had to really concentrate on how to make it possible given all the challenges that being a disabled student in an ablecentric University (and world) brings.

Well, today was the deadline for my first piece of coursework - and I've made it!!!

I wasn't sure returning to university was going to be possible at all, and it might still be the case that at some point it gets too much for me and I have to tap out, but today I made my first deadline, and I've been dancing on my wobbly legs ever since.

I want to add here that not everybody with Functional Neurological Disorder experiences it in the same way, and for a lot of people (even for me at the start of my diagnosis) this kind of achievement just simply is not possible. It's really important that when we celebrate our achievements (like this first deadline, or those of our favourite paralympians), we don't confuse that celebration with thinking that our worth depends on them.

It is incredible that Millie Knight and her guide slash it on the slopes like superheros, it is so worthy of celebration... but don't let that trick you into thinking that you have to win gold medals to have value as a disabled person. You don't need degrees or trophies or anything to be worthy of love, respect and admiration. The reason I'm so proud of myself for making this deadline, is because I worked hard for it. That is the same reason I am so proud when I manage to apply mascara with only one working hand, or get out of bed when I really don't want to. Those achievements are just as important.

I'd love to share this celebration with you all, so do me a favour and think of one thing you've done recently that is really f***ing awesome. Did you do your physio? Did you brush your teeth? Did you manage to talk kindly to yourself? Did you repair a bridge you burnt? Eat a healthy meal? Reach out to an old friend? Make your bed? Or maybe you find yourself being sensible too often, so what you want to celebrate is the fact that you relaxed a bit this week, ate some cake, drank some wine, took it easy.

For all those celebrations that we have been cheated of, celebrate them now with me. Because we are all doing so well. Aside from the dancing in my kitchen, another way I'm choosing to celebrate is by eating Lush Lip scrub straight out of the tub (you can't buy class). I don't know if any of you guys have tried it but it's basically flavoured sugar you're supposed to use to exfoliate your lips. I have no idea who is using it for that, pretty sure we are all just spooning it into our mouths while we binge watch Netflix. Well, whatever your version of bubblegum lip-scrub is, treat yourself to it. You deserve it.

Now, on the love-life side of things, the swipe scene has been pretty dry lately. Now that I've begun to stop myself falling in love with everybody, I'm struggling to find anyone I want to go out with! Or maybe the big man upstairs has been doing me a favour, keeping the sexy men away so I can focus on my studies. But I'm off to Glasgow for the weekend the week after next, and I always did find that accent alluring. I'll keep my eyes peeled for sexy Scotts, and I'll be sure to keep you in the loop.

Next week I want to share with you some of my pain relief tips that have been getting me through this year, so check back here next Monday if you want to feel a little less shit.

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