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When I left you last week I was looking forward to two exciting first dates! Now unfortunately I've only had 50% attendance, but as you FND warriors out there know, that's pretty good going in the war against daily symptoms. I'm deciding to celebrate that I managed to make it to any dates at all.

So, I slept through the wholesome dog walk on Monday. My legs went at around 3pm and sometimes it gets boring just propped up unable to do a whole lot so I drifted off and then I was in such a deep sleep by 5 that I didn't hear the phone ring (and ring... and ring... sorry Jake!) It's fine, that was the last time he was free when I am for a while so we've decided to let that one go. He was super understanding, too. And hey, I still had a pretty good evening! I dreamt I was sailing down the Amazon with my dog and when I woke up my legs were back on the ball again.

On Tuesday I actually managed to turn up (yay!) but I couldn't fancy the guy because he looked way too much like my brother (naaay!), so we're back where we started. We still had a lovely evening though, good food, lots of beer and we didn't come last in the pub quiz (great first date idea, by the way). And I genuinely think we'll be friends... it's a lot easier to reject someone when you have a picture to hand of their doppelgänger and its a blood relative. (It also makes it a lot easier to stick to your new no-sex-on-the-first-date rule too).

So, who will be next? A doctor, a poet, a pirate, a carpenter? (Probably not a pirate). Maybe it will be years before I have sex again (God knows it's starting to feel like it!) Or fall in love? But in the meantime I'm loving dating again. Even when you sleep through the odd meeting and then the next one is a bit incest-y, it's still fun getting dressed up and meeting new characters. It reminds me just how bursting this world is of wonderful people. Wonderful people with their own stories and quirks and journies. It reminds me to be curious again and it helps my heart remember the power of diversity, and by extension how incredibly lucky we are to be exactly who we are. In other's self love.

Next week is valentines day, and this blogger will be spending it on a romantic spa break for two with...

... her mother. It might not be everyone's idea of a perfect February 14th but I, for one, am just buzzing to spend some time drinking wine in dressing gowns with the incredible woman who made me. Because love doesn't just write you mushy poems over expensive dinners that you can't taste for the sensory overload of Linx and Chanel No 5... Love sometimes gives you a long hug over a difficult day, or calls you up for your advice. Sometimes love binge watches shows with you that they don't really like, just to spend time with you. Well, I'm excited to celebrate that kind of love this year with my mama (no offense dad, I just don't think you'd be into the manicures the way we are).

Wherever love has been shining for you this year, I hope you find time to acknowledge it on Tuesday in whatever way you see fit. And I'll be back here next week with a post about my most memorable valentines days. But dear Lord... I hope at least one of you readers gets laid.

Over and out sex bombs. xox

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